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Make a fresh start in 2017


With the arrival of the New Year comes the time to make those yearly resolutions. When it comes to your home, this year make ones that are for keeps!

If you’re looking at buying or selling a property in 2017, then make sure that you get your New Year off to the best possible start by making resolutions that will make a positive impact on your moving experience. Planning is key to everything running smoothly. Here we take a look at what things should be on the top of your resolutions list!

Resolution 1: Optimise your selling and buying opportunity

As one of the leading estate agents in your area, when you sell your property with us, we’ll give you your very own exclusive property website – something that no other agent in your area can offer you! It will feature a photo slideshow of all the property images which can be viewed in full screen, as well as including floorplans, location map, a local area video guide and local schools data. This means that all information about the property you are selling will be available to potential buyers! What’s more, by using this unique marketing tool, you can share the site with your family and friends: ideal for expanding the potential interest in your property.

And when it comes to buying a new property, we’ll also give you a website so that you can share information with your family and friends about the house you have just purchased. Choosing us as your agent will be one of the best resolutions you can make to get your 2017 off to a great start!

Resolution 2: De-clutter

While it’s worth spending time fixing and cleaning your house before potential buyers come and view, it’s also important to de-clutter, so it’s important to add this to your list of resolutions.

By de-cluttering you’ll be creating spacious rooms, allowing you to decrease and organise your personal items before you move yourself! Of course, we understand that you don’t want to spend money, time and energy on a home you are about to leave, however, a lot of people are looking for a house in which they can move straight into. And maintaining your property may save you thousands of pounds and could even help reduce added expenses of living in your home while you are waiting for a sale.

There are many stages of de-cluttering. Where possible you want to create the look of a lifestyle that the potential buyers want, which is usually a home that has a ‘show home’ rather than a ‘lived in’ feel. The easiest way to start this is to minimise your possessions – particularly personal items such as photos and the kids’ drawings – which adorn your home.

And the key thing to remember is that by de-cluttering now, you’ll be more ready to move into your new home. Now that’s a resolution worth sticking to!

Resolution 3: Maintain your property’s appearance

Every home has them and we tend to just live with them until we decide to re-decorate. But it’s essential that you deal with the problem before potential buyers walk through your door. What are we referring to? It’s all those little scuffs and chips to paint and walls that occur during everyday life. They may not impact you in your home now, but it may affect how a potential buyer views your home.

So, another resolution to add to your list for 2017 is to fix the little things to help make a big impact. A quick lick of paint can work wonders for first impressions – and could mean extra money in the bank for you! Work room by room, really looking as if you were a buyer. What do you see? What’s your first impression? Any changes don’t have to break the bank but every penny will help in your quest to sell your property.

Resolution 4: Stage your home

Going hand in hand with de-cluttering is staging your home. While de-cluttering is focused more on reducing or getting rid of possessions that are ‘clogging’ up your home, staging is more focused on the look and feel of a property.

Staging itself plays an important role when it comes to selling your property. In fact, if you have previously moved, you will no doubt remember viewing properties that you simply ‘felt’ were not right for you.

If you have a small room, remove any bulky furniture which only emphasises this point. If you don’t have a garage, it may be worth paying to store any furniture or other items until you have secured a sale.

Work room by room, thinking of who your target audience may be. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve.

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