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It’s the Premier League that makes football the beautiful game it is!


It’s an exciting time for football: a tense closing of the Premier League, and both the FA Cup and Champions League finals beckoning.

Football, the beautiful game, captures our imaginations and feeds us with inspiration each and every year, from when the Premier League season kicks off until its final whistle blows. This year is particularly exciting for us Brits with the final of The Champions League being held in Cardiff. As a result, hotel rooms in the Welsh capital are sold out, and this fact has, in turn, highly benefitted Cardiff homeowners who are now cashing in by renting out houses and rooms to accommodate for what will surely be a stunning Champions League final between any two of either Monaco, Juventus, Atletico Madrid or Real Madrid.

In the Premiership, however, Chelsea are big favourites to win. In fact, they were favourites before the season began and currently lead Tottenham Hotspur by four points, with both teams having six games remaining to play.

This season, Chelsea achieved what has gone down in the record books as the joint longest winning streak in a Premiership season, and the second longest winning streak in Premier League history, with thirteen wins in a row. The longest was Arsenal’s fourteen game winning streak but both Chelsea and Arsenal now hold the joint record for the most consecutive wins within a season. Needless to say, Chelsea has been on phenomenal form this season, despite skepticism from critics and fans alike of their current performance.

At the other end of the spectrum, Sunderland trail Middlesborough by three points, and have six games remaining to play. Although bottom, Sunderland are not definitely relegated yet, but they certainly have been struggling all the way through this season, with little to celebrate about their performance. Jermain Defoe has had some good moments to boast about, but Sunderland will still need to fight hard to remain in the Premiership for next season.

Without a doubt the biggest upset this season, though, was Watford’s victory over Arsenal at the end of January. Looking at the pre-match betting data, Watford was priced at 16/1 to leave the Emirates with a win, and alas no team has won with longer odds this season, which is sure to have left Watford fans very happy with this win indeed!

The FA Cup final will be between Chelsea and Arsenal on 27th May, at Wembley Stadium, London. The Champions League final will be held on 3rd June at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff.

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