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Protect your home from unwanted visitors


Want your home to be as secure as possible? Of course you do! Whether it is a specific type of burglar alarm, a more traditional device, or something more cutting edge, we’ll help find the right device for you.

Every year there are around one million burglaries or attempted burglaries in the UK, with a successful burglary occurring around every forty seconds. As long as you’ve invested in home security equipment wisely, a simple device can be the difference between stability and instability with regards to the security of your home, and should last you a lifetime if maintained properly. Here we give you a heads-up as to what’s out there so you can get your home fully equipped and secure.

There are a range of home security devices that can successfully keep your home secure, but burglary alarm systems are perhaps the most commonly used. London’s Metropolitan Police say that you are less likely to become a victim of burglary if you have a well-fitted and maintained burglar alarm system. Therefore, it might be worth considering burglar alarm maintenance contracts too, through which your alarm would be professionally maintained annually.

The most basic of burglar alarm systems are bells-only alarms, which do not notify anyone in particular but just sound very loudly, alerting everyone in the area. You could alternatively have your burglar alarm monitored, whereby it will alert the phones of certain people you nominate when it’s triggered. You can opt either for a key-holder contract or a police contract, both of which communicate with said persons. A simpler version of these systems, though, would be a speech dialer, which, when the alarm is tripped, will simply call or text a selection of phone numbers (any one of which could indeed be your own), and will continue to do so until it gets an answer or is able to leave an automated message on one of them. Furthermore, it would be advised to have your burglar alarm as visible as possible from the outside, so to help discourage potential burglars from even attempting to break into your home.

Among some of the other most reliable and thus popular home security devices are security lights, which can either be switched on manually by the homeowner or when it senses movement. These ensure increased visibility of the burglar, who also cannot be sure whether or not they’ve been switched on manually from someone inside. Additionally, CCTV cameras can visually capture any burglary that may appear. And even more advanced devices are now coming to the market, such as iDoorCam, an app for smart phones which allows you to answer the door to your home when you’re not even in – done remotely via your phone! The app can connect through Wifi, 3G and 4G, works internationally, and is equipped with a day and night vision webcam, microphone, speaker, and even a motion sensor. It’s also compatible for multiple users, making it perfect for families.

So, no matter how much burglary crime may increase, new technology will always be one step ahead!

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