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Making your rental property feel like home


The difference between a rental  property and a beautiful home can be you and your creativity, not the landlord! Allow us to stir your creative juices and help personalise your rental home into something special.

Because rentals are becoming much more than a mere stop gap for many people, this has meant that landlords now realise there’s a new attitude with renting, whereby tenants will now want to take pride and joy in the accommodation they rent. Some landlords decide that, because of this increased demand, they can afford to apply more limitations and restrictions to the tenant with regard to interior decoration and design, whereas other landlords recognise that lifting those limitations enables for a more satisfied, settled and happier tenant, ensuring a longer tenancy within the landlord’s property.

When it comes to decorating, there are some landlords who may not favour the idea of having permanent changes being made to their property. Sometimes they may approve of the change and allow it to be done, whereas most landlords, if authorising a big change, would be fine with the
idea providing things could and would be rearranged back to how they were originally.

If you’re considering making major changes to your rental property, such as having bathroom fixtures replaced, new appliances fitted into the kitchen, or new wallpapering, written permission from the landlord would always be advised, preferably with both of your signatures attached.

Vinyl wall stickers may be a fantastic alternative to wallpaper, as they don’t tend to damage the paint work and can really enhance the personal feel of your home. Painting natural wood, however, is usually a no-go, considering crown mouldings and baseboards normally require a glossy finish, and repainting them back to white – or worse, to wood – is no easy feat.

Expressing your personality and allowing your inner sparkle to shine through and amongst your rental home’s décor is something perfectly achievable, however – with or without your landlord’s consent – and there are many ways you can update its décor without making any permanent changes to it.

Additions such as new lighting, curtains and rugs can really enhance the attitude of your home with colour and vibrancy to fit your tastes (although, again, it’s always worth running your ideas by the landlord first). Plants and flowers have the ability to take the ambience of your home even further, marking that difference between ‘nice’ and ‘homely.’ The furniture itself, including freestanding bookcases, tall shelving units and storage cubes can all take your rental home to the next level of creativity and personal taste. And, since you own them, they offer the potential for personalised paintwork. Additionally, a framed collection of bold artwork on the walls could, again, mean the difference between a mere rental property, and your own personal, bright, trendy, modern, luxurious and beloved home.

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