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Get your garden ready for summer


From pruning plants to treating garden furniture, here are some top tips to impress your guests and enjoy your garden this summer!

With summer just around the corner, now is the perfect time to tidy up your garden. It’s tempting to sit around and laze about in the sun (when it comes out) but you have all summer for that! So put the hard work in now and reap the rewards.

Mow that lawn!

Firstly, you should make sure your lawn is in tip top condition by removing any lawn weeds. It’s better to pull them out individually, as this will avoid the plants getting established. Next, mow your lawn but remember not to cut it too short as you may kill off the grass, making it look unhealthy.

Get out your summer essentials

Don’t just pull out the barbecue when you need to use it – you’ll never use it when it’s covered in dirt from the year before! Clean it up and remove any rust which may have built up during the winter months. If you’ve had it stored away in the shed, it might just be the case of giving it a dusting down.

Remember to wash any outdoor cushions so they are fresh and pristine for the summer months to provide your guests with clean furniture to sit on. You can also use scatter cushions and rugs to make your garden cosy and comfy.

Provide plenty of shade

There is rumour of a heatwave coming to the UK this summer, so if you don’t have a garden parasol already then it would be worth investing in one to protect yourself and guests from the sun’s rays. You could also build a pergola with climbers to create a pretty shaded area.

Make it cosy

As nice as it is to enjoy your garden during the sunny daytime, it’s also just as lovely to sit out on a cool evening. Combining a cosy fire pit area with comfortable seating will ensure that your guests won’t want to leave. Lighting is also essential to create an inviting atmosphere in the evening. Solar panelled fairy lights will look fantastic in the garden and is an eco-friendly way to create light. Most DIY stores and supermarkets have these on sale at great prices.

Enliven borders

Sweet peas work well at the front of beds and borders and have a delightful fragrance throughout summer. Meanwhile, Lobelias are dainty flowers which create wonderful colours and would suit hanging baskets and containers. Rudbeckias, also known as coneflowers, look fabulous in the garden and make excellent long lasting cut flowers for a vase indoors. Finally, Cosmos will attract bees and are mainly available in shades of pink, red and white; they too make fantastic cut flowers for a vase.

Hosepipe Ban

By following the tips here, you will be well on your way in the terms of preparation for summer and getting your garden ready. However, it’s worth keeping in mind the threat of a hosepipe ban coming into force this summer due to a water shortage.

A statement on the Affinity’s water website reads: “From January to March 2017, rainfall has been 50 per cent to 70 per cent below the average for this time of year in our central and southeast regions.”

You can help save water by using a watering can in the garden instead of a hose and installing a water butt to collect the water when it does rain. Not only is this helping the environment but it could also help save on your water bill too!

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