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Summer savings


With a third of people saying that saving for a holiday feels like a struggle, here we give some tips to help you save those extra pennies

Take a picnic
Planning a day out with the kids? It’s amazing how much you can actually spend buying lunch and drinks when out and about. Cut on costs by making your own packed lunches to keep the troops fed.

Cinema savings
Get 2 for 1 cinema tickets on Tuesdays and Wednesdays using Meerkat Movies. All you need to do is buy insurance from CompareTheMarket. com to qualify. Top tip: Just buy a day’s travel insurance for a few pounds and you’ll still get the offer, which is valid for a year!

Use those coupons!
Have you got a load of unused coupons in your purse or wallet? Then get using them to save money! Back in December 2015, Holly Smith broke records when she paid for a £1,200 shop entirely with coupons! She now runs her own website ( offering tips on how to match her success. Get saving!

Use discount websites to save on days out
If coupon saving isn’t your thing, then why not turn to the likes of Groupon, VoucherCodes and Wowcher. They’re websites with Apps that allow you to save on a range of products and services including events, meals out and spa days. There are often restrictions on when you can use your vouchers, but it’s a great way to make savings.

Look our for offers
There are plenty of offers out there – you just need to look out for them! A popular one at the moment are free vouchers to Merlin attractions which can be found on selected promotional packs of Cadbury chocolate including mini Double Deckers, Chocolate Buttons and Mini Fudge.

Get cash back on your shopping
There are some great Apps out there to help you save money. Sign up to and you will get money back each and every time you shop online! It’s simple, easy and a great way to build up your holiday spending money.

Embrace fakeaways
Takeaways are big business for the food industry but can leave a dent in your savings if you indulge in them on a regular basis. So why not have a go at making your own favourite takeaway meal instead. It’ll be fun getting the whole family involved. Plus, put away the money you’ve saved and the savings will soon add up.

Take a break
Summer holidays with the kids can be expensive so why not pick a designated day each week where you don’t spend anything! Take a break by having fun at home instead or make a packed lunch and head outdoors to a [free] park.

Get free entry to over 200 attractions!
The BBC is giving away free Blue Peter badges to anyone aged between 6 and 15. You might wonder how that helps save you money, but the great things is that having ownership of such a badge will give you free entry to over 200 attractions across the UK, such as museums and zoos. All you need to do is send Blue Peter a message explaining why your little one deserves a badge. There is a range of badges on offer and to be eligible, your child will need to send in a message, a poem, a photo or a letter – the application for each badge is different! Get creative and find out more at




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