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School lunches: change it up this year


Hate packing up the kids’ lunches every night? Perhaps you fill it with a sandwich, an orange and a packet of crisps? Well, we’ll help you change with our ideas that make it fun – and put a smile on their face!

The best part of going to school on your birthday was those little notes your parents would sneak into your lunch box saying ‘Happy Birthday’ along with the enormous slab of chocolate cake along with pizza fingers, which your friends would all envy. So why can’t kids have this every day? Give them that excitement to open a lunch box and for there not to be a single sandwich in sight!

Pizza Roll Ups

The best part about pizza roll ups is that they are super easy to make and you can freeze them. Yes, that’s right; batch cook and fill up a drawer, taking them out each night to defrost for the next day! Job done. Oh, and your kids’ eyes will light up when they see these tomatoey, yummy treats. Why not even let your child get involved by letting them choose fillings and bake them with you at the weekend.

Ham and Cheese Muffins

These make-ahead muffins are delicious and great for a quick snack or lunch for anyone – even you! This savoury and mouthwatering delight is a fresh take on the classic and boring sandwich and the recipe is simple. You can find it here along with plenty of other recipes at

Pasta Pots

Cold pasta in a lovely tomato sauce is great all year round. Add in all their favourite vegetables and meats, from mushrooms to bacon, topped with plenty of cheese. You can even pick up a handy lunchbox with different compartments to store the fork. And yes, don’t forget the fork or it may get messy!

Build Your Own

Build your own anything is fun, but when it comes to food it’s even better! As a parent, you don’t even have to make it – you can let your child enjoy that part. Throw in a few wraps or savoury biscuits, some ham, cheese and tomato sauce sachets and that’s lunch sorted. If it’s looking a bit too beige for your liking, then why not add some carrot and cucumber sticks with some hummus as a side dish. Delightful!

Growing Up

As your children get older, they may become a little embarrassed by all the fun of their packed lunch and may just prefer a sandwich. They probably won’t enjoy building their own wraps with little sachets of ketchup, so why not just ask them what they want? It’s important that children get the right nutrients, especially when they are growing 24/7 but you also want to be assured that they are not going hungry either.

Inspiration for you

Too much chocolate and crisps in their lunch box? Then try these ideas instead!

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