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Just how important is good broadband reception in homes?


As the strength and necessity of broadband internet increases, so does the value of homes in which broadband reception thrives. But is it important to everyone?

When the twenty-first century was born, so was broadband internet. It was installed into homes for the very first time in March 2000 but broadband was not at all like it is today. Back then it was merely the hope of staying online for longer and generally speeding things up. Today it’s most of our first ports of call for virtually everything. With desktop PCs, laptops, smart televisions, iPads and other tablets, smart phones, and the many other technological devices people now have within their homes, a strong and reliable broadband reception in the area can, today, be the deciding factor as to whether or not you choose to live there. According to Broadband Genie’s recent survey, 78% of people would be put off renting or buying a property if it had a slow broadband reception, and a report by the London School of Economics found that house prices increased by an average of 3% when broadband speed doubled a few years ago.

However, not everyone is so connected to the idea. Landlords and sellers in rural areas, where broadband reception would typically be weak, may have difficulty selling or renting their homes in such areas due to this upsurge of broadband speed and popularity. Needless to say, the appreciation and desire for a tranquil and almost entirely technology-free life has to be admired amidst this ever-growing digital age of ours, and there are, of course, some who still want that very lifestyle. Nevertheless, the Rural Community Broadband Fund (RCBF), having launched with £20 million, was designed to enable more rural communities to access faster broadband services, and could be the very answer some prospective tenants or buyers of rural properties are looking for.

No matter where the prospective home buyer is looking, you can check the potential broadband performance in that area yourself – and it’s free. By either using their website or calling them up directly, your internet service provider can find out for you. Alternatively, you should be informed by your internet service provider of an accurate speed estimate of your broadband performance when you renew your contract with them.

A new study has also revealed that the number of people working from home has increased by a fifth in the last ten years, reaching a record number of 1.5 million remote workers. For something as important as your job, a powerful, reliable, fast and steady broadband reception would go hand in hand, as interruptions, delays and disablements with one’s work is undesirable to say the least.

However, you don’t even have to be the most avid techno-enthusiast these days to require a strong broadband reception, because our brainwaves are becoming ever more charged with the idea that most of our lives now are determined by an efficient internet connection.

Need to choose a broadband provider?

With Brits spending 45 minutes a month waiting for video buffering to stop*, it’s easy to see why broadband speed is an important factor when buying a house. So, if you’re looking for the best deal when it comes to broadband, read on!

Sky’s new Fibre Max promises new Sky sign-ups a download speed to the Sky Hub of at least 55Mb – and it comes with a money back guarantee if the service doesn’t live up to the promised download speed within the first 30 days.

In addition, the Internet giant has also promised to move any customers falling short of the 55Mb speed up to its next best Fibre product – at no extra cost. And if that fails, they are guaranteeing that customers will be allowed to walk away from their contracts with no early termination charges if the service doesn’t meet the expectations it’s advertised.

However, the Sky Fibre Max Speed Guarantee is only available to new Sky Fibre Max customers with Sky Talk and Line Rental and it’s also worth noting that Sky Customers looking to check their download speeds will need to carry out a speed-test with Sky’s own broadband checker, as third-party speed checkers will not be recognised. Sky’s own speed checker can be accessed through the customer portal or companion smartphone app.

Currently Sky Fibre Max is available to 64 per cent of UK homes and speeds vary based on location.

Talk Talk
For a limited period, TalkTalk is cutting the price of its Faster Fibre Broadband package from £33.50 a month to just £25 a month on a 24-month contract.

The discount will be offered until September 14th and is available to both new and existing customers, giving customers broadband speeds of up to 38Mbps which TalkTalk say is up to four times faster than standard broadband. Customers signing up to the deal will also receive free set-up and a super-router, as well as the option of adding flexible landline call plans.

TalkTalk has stated that their Fast Fibre Broadband service uses the same fibre cables as BT and Sky but at a much lower price, making it, “Britain’s best value unlimited fibre broadband”, which it claims can save customers up to £551.75 when compared to similar packages from the likes of BT.


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All information correct at time of going to press: August 2017

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