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Shake up your shed


Sheds are no longer seen as just storage space, they can now be used as multi-functional rooms to fit any needs

Often when you picture a shed, you imagine a timber built outbuilding full of garden tools and furniture. Not only can a shed be used as a handy storage space but it can also be transformed into a private getaway, an office or even a playroom. As George Clarke’s amazing spaces has recently shown, sheds can be a real feature in your garden. The winner of Shed of the Year 2017 was Benedict Swanborough with his impressive mushroom shaped construction, which was built for his daughter. It also won the Cabin and Summerhouse category.

You may already have a shed in your garden or you may be considering installing one. Whatever your situation, a garden shed can be a useful, practical space and it also creates character. The most important thing to consider when building or revamping your garden shed is the function of it; you want the design to complement the purpose, whether that is a creative hideaway to escape and read a book, or an office to work in.

Here are a few ways you can use your shed:

Office space: Not only can you avoid rush hour traffic but you can also escape from the household noise. Shut the door and be undisturbed! Creating a garden office allows you to keep your work and home life separate too.

Gym: If you’re a keen gym go-er or keep tripping over your exercise bike, then the garden shed could be the perfect place for your home gym. Mostly, you will love the idea of not having to a pay a premium every month for the privilege of sweating around others.

Playroom: If you have children then a playroom is the dream. A garden shed will make the perfect playroom for your kids and their friends. They can make as much mess as they want and your house will still be clean! Even the smallest of sheds can be transformed into a cozy den.

Man cave: Just as the kids want a play room, men want one too. A man cave can be a brilliant idea to keep your partner busy and entertained at the weekends. Stock a fridge full of beer, fizzy drinks and snacks, put in some comfy chairs, a pool table and a TV. Remember just because it’s called a man cave, it doesn’t mean women can’t enjoy and use these things too. You can have your own Prosecco Palace!

Home cinema: Why not bring the cinema to you? Black-out your shed ensuring no light can get in, install a large TV screen, comfortable sofas, a mini fridge stocked with your favourite fizzy drinks – and you may as well get a popcorn maker – for the ultimate cinema experience.

You might be worried that a shed will be an eyesore in the garden but the standard shed has now evolved. Sheds now come in a variety of shapes and sizes and most importantly they can be customised to fit your garden. If you already have a shed and it’s looking a bit dull then use some exterior paint to make a real feature out of it. A blue to grey shade works beautifully with surrounding green foliage to create a natural and restful feel. You can even use hanging baskets, a framework for climbing plants and different pots to make your shed look prettier and more pleasing.

More ideas for your shed: 

Bike storage

Guest accommodation

Writing hut


Potting shed

Art studio and workshop

Music Room

Additional living area

Hobby room

Garden room

Good Value Vs Expensive

From only £195.00, this Billy Oh Master Tongue and Groove Pent shed is available in four different sizes. Not only is this shed perfect for storage but it will also make a great cinema room with the use of the windowless feature.

From £2,800, this Gothic Shed makes quite the statement and is available in five sizes with three different roof options.

£4,995, this gorgeous new design offers plenty of storage space and enjoys a partly enclosed veranda to the front, to sit and relax in the summer sun.

£8399.99, this Theodore Garden office sure does have a premium price tag but it does provide a spacious and comfortable place to work where you can immerse yourself in your own world. This shed features a foil-backed polyurethane insulation in the walls allowing the office to be kept warm through the winter months.

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