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Time for a change?


Don’t forget! That time of the year is coming up again, the clocks go back on Sunday 29th October at 2am putting the UK back to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) for winter 

Many people across the UK will get an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning, except those unlucky people who are working; chances are they may have to work the extra hour.

The changing of the clocks began over 100 years ago after the Government passed the Summer Time Act in 1916. Builder William Willett published a leaflet called ‘The Waste of Daylight’ and argued that moving the clocks back in summer would save on energy costs and allow people to enjoy the outdoors for longer. A year after Willett died, daylight saving time was introduced as a bid to save fuel during the war.

The clocks will revert and go forward by an hour on Sunday 25th March 2018, returning to the British Summer Time, allowing less light in the mornings and more in the evenings.

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Image Credit: BT

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