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Here we feature some of the best SmartApps which help you to move home and settle in

With so many apps around now, it can be hard to distinguish the good ones from the poor, so allow us to whittle down what we think are some of the best SmartApps for both moving homes and living within the home.

SmartApps within the property industry are forever evolving, making life easier every day. Furthermore, people moving homes are becoming increasingly vigilant to a variety of considerations before they even settle on a new area in which to live, let alone the property. Apps such as Crime Map: England and Wales help with one of those important considerations. It uses the UK police database to show statistics for a wide range of neighbourhoods, displaying their crime rates and relative risk factor, and also uses the national average stats to draw comparisons. It’s simple, it’s quick, and is mega useful, especially for families.

Around Me has to be generally one of the most popular apps for homeowners and tenants alike, mainly due to it being the most simple to use. Around Me displays a grid of icons representing different kinds of amenities in your area – from restaurants to your new local doctor’s surgery – helping you to get your bearings in your new neighbourhood in no time at all.

There are also a bunch of apps which act as organisers and planners for moving, affording you the opportunity to manage and organise your move in the most effective way possible. Home Move Pro is one of the best apps for this, in terms of both housing an array of great features and also being incredibly simple and easy to use. This app also has features that some apps dedicate themselves to entirely, such as changing your address with contacts with ease, and managing your whole packaging process. But what makes Home Pro Move such a particularly great app is how customisable it is. You can add new category folders or add to existing ones, keeping you in complete control the whole way!

Let’s face it – no matter how trivial an issue it may seem to be, if a hanging picture or painting on our wall is not quite level, it would bother many of us. Things like this are surprisingly noticeable. With its built-in compass mechanism, the Bubble Level app helps you to clearly identify a painting or photo which is crooked or not quite level, allowing you to alter the position of the frame until it’s as perfect as the artwork itself.

And once settled in, how about having an app which is versatile, takes care of all the important technical stuff for you, boasts an award-winning reputation, and is free? If that’s what you’re after, Stringify is the app for you. Offering a user-friendly interface, this app controls locks, lights, temperature, and much more. That common insecurity we feel when we think we’ve left that door open, or forgotten to switch off the light, is abolished with Stringify, supporting over five hundred products and services as it does.

Surely the king of all home security apps though is iDoorCam – it’s impressive, innovative and ingenious (just to refer to the ‘i’ in its name there!) With this app, when someone arrives at your door and rings the bell, an alert is sent to your phone, its camera is activated, and the user can then decide whether or not to answer the door. If you want to answer, your speech will be played via the speaker on the iDoorCam device outside your door, which is £105, while the app itself is free.

With the high quality of SmartApps today, moving homes and maintaining a secure, safe and happy living situation has never been easier. For whatever help you need, there is bound to be an app available for it!

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